Dr. Lance Jackson and his team specialize in the medical and surgical treatment of the ear. They focus on hearing health, dizziness, allergies, nose and sinus treatment.



When EIT came to us saying they wanted a freshen up their look we rose up to the challenge. Our client’s mission is to educate and raise awareness of their services and the community they serve.

EIT was unusual in the sense that it has several umbrellas under the same roof not only Ear Institute of Texas (EIT), but Voice & Swallowing Institute of Texas (V&S) and the Hearing Institute of Texas (HIT). We had to combine all the branding into one cohesive look that could marketed together as well as individually.

Creative Development

We know the value of getting to know your doctors and healthcare providers—and EIT couldn’t agree more. We started with a photo shoot of the entire staff. With their team of five highly-skilled and educated professionals and a support group of more than 25 we knew a quality shoot would be an impressive start to a new look. They had had a logo for years and due to exiting signage, we needed to give it a fresh, updated look yet not stray too far from the original font that was outdated. From there we were able to create a cohesive look that conveyed their customer-focused approach with visually engaging materials from an interactive, mobile- friendly website to complementing print collateral and custom t-shirts and tradeshow pieces.

Materials Produced
EIT logo | Website | Photography services | Brochures | Postcards | Flyers | Business cards | Magazine ads | T-shirts | Hop-up photo wall backdrop | Banners | Social media posts


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