Capture Mobile Device IDs of people that have visited specific locations. Ads can be served to these people on their social media platforms.

  • Reach consumers that visited Mile High Stadium, rodeo, conference, dealership, etc.
  • Target consumers that have visited locations in the last 30 days.
  • Target shoppers at competitors stores.
  • Target event attendees following the event.
  • Target specific past concert goers for upcoming concerts.


You must be invested in a social media marketing strategy that focuses on engagement with customers.





Social Media Management - We can manage your social media pages to help you build meaningful connections and make sure your brand voice is heard.

High Quality Postings | Find New Targeted Followers | Spam Monitoring | Reputation Management | Monthly Progress Report


Reach consumers within virtual fences that you create around locations that use your type of product and service.



Location-enabled Devices – In-app Ads

  • Reach consumers within geo-fenced areas on their digital devices
  • Target consumers that are visiting luxury auto dealerships, nursing homes, banks, retail stores, etc.
  • Target shoppers at competitors stores
  • Target event attendees at the event
  • Target a specific conference, tradeshow, etc.
  • Counts those that received an ad and visited the location


Take charge of your first impression.



Optimize your Google My Business for when people look for you on Google Search & Maps

Your profile helps customers do business with you easily and directly. Provide your customers the information they need to choose you. Custom designed ads and posts of your products, services and events will generate new leads and help your business grow.

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