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The Good Vibrations Music & Arts Festival (GVMAF) is an all-day, family-friendly concert featuring various artists from all around the country. The event, hosted by Texas-based nonprofit for the deaf and hard-of-hearing, Aid the Silent, will be fully deaf-HOH-accessible featuring real-time captioning, on-stage sign language interpretation, looping technology that transmits sound directly into hearing aid wearers’ devices, wearable audio technology that translates high-fidelity sounds into vibrations, an LED dance floor and a visual sound wave board that is synchronized to the tempo of the music.

With thousands in attendance, vendor booths, food trucks, games and photo opportunities, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Creative Development

The Rudkin marketing and creative teams collaborated with the event director and Aid the Silent staff to provide a strategy plan for the entire GVMAF event. We discussed the target audience, mission of the nonprofit and the goal of the event as a group. Once solidified, we devised variations of a logo and overall style that transferred into every piece that followed. We shared Pinterest boards, websites, brochures, concert posters and much more from all around the world to find a style that fit the ambiance of the festival. We devised media plans, social calendars, press releases, press conferences, assisted with sponsorship leads, developed hundreds of digital and print pieces all while working closely with the event director to assure success during the planning process.

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