SAI Interpreting and Translation is an interpreting agency that offers a wide variety of services all over Texas and Las Vegas. They provide qualified, certified professional interpreters that make it easy for you to communicate with your client, patient, student or staff member who uses sign language or has limited English Proficiency.



Creative Development

SAI was formerly San Antonio Interpreters and was wanting to change their name because their services reached much further than San Antonio and they were moving into foreign language translation as well. The challenge was San Antonio Interpreters was very well-known in the Deaf Community locally and we needed the transition to be subtle so their local customers were reassured it was the same company with the same expert staff they had come to rely upon yet the new name did not box them in to a specific city for their expanding customer base. We suggested keeping the same icon within their logo that their current customer base recognized so well, but to start the transition of moving from the full name of San Antonio Interpreters to SAI interpreting & Translation. With the switch, they needed a new logo and whole new set of marketing material. Wanting to keep the integrity of their name but have something fresh that still reflected their old brand, we set out to redo all their collateral materials. We were able to do just that by creating complementing pieces that didn’t differ too much from their already established look in colors and fonts, but had a fresh, clean and cohesive feel to reach their expanding market.

Materials Produced
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