What not to do on twitter?

Last month we discussed how all companies and brands can benefit from Twitter and how it has become an integral part of any marketing strategy. But here’s the deal, it can equally hurt your brand image and alienate your customers if some basic (read: common sense) rules are not applied while tweeting.

Although it is no rocket science, but it has been seen that when given a chance to say anything you wish, in the infinite twitterverse, people often lose control. Hence, we decided to come up with a list which might help people to take back that control.

Like some wise man once said, every action has  a reaction. It is this reaction which might either help your brand image grow, or crash. Here is how you can choose to ‘suck at twitter’:

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If you need someone to help you navigate your way through the Twitter, do not hesitate to contact us. Also click here to check out the other social media services we offer.

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What is a Brand Image?

Brand Image Rudkin ProductionsBrand Image: It is an impression of a product or a brand held by real or potential consumers. It is a mix of emotional value plus a mental image, formed by sources, such as:

  • logo
  • mission statement
  • website design & usability
  • employees
  • infrastructure, office and building

Consumer doesn’t only purchase a product, it purchases the perceived value along with it. Ideally a brand image should be three things:

  1. Unique
  2. Positive
  3. Reliable

Brand image is how you try to set yourself apart from your competition. It should help a company create goodwill which would result in positive word of mouth publicity (the best kind!), which in turn results in increased customer base and customer loyalty.

Brand image can be formed and enforced by advertising and social media. That’s where we come in. Contact us to discuss how we can help you with your brand image. Also click here to check out the other social media services we offer.

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