Power of the LOGO

The answer to why companies need logos might come as no surprise to most – but you might be surprised at how many businesses pass on having a logo designed.

Of course, we understand that start-up businesses may not have the cash at first to have a logo designed. These people push the logo and branding on to the “to-do later, sometime in the near future-ish” list. We get it. We really do. But here’s why we think you should make having a logo from the get-go a PRIME PRIORITY.

NOTE: For those companies who have been around and don’t have a logo, no, we don’t think you’re doomed or helpless. We believe that adding a logo to your company will do wonders for you, no matter where you are in the lifespan of your company. Sooner is better, but better late than never (someone put that on a fortune cookie).

For those of you visual learners – here’s a quick way to sell you on the power of the logo. Take a quick look at the graphics below – and see how many companies you can identify, just by seeing their logo.

Picture 4

NOTE: These logos are used in this article for editorial use only and are in no way affiliated to Rudkin Productions


Logos are powerful and create a lasting awareness of a brand. When a logo is paired to a brand consistently through ALL of their marketing platforms (physical signage, product branding, direct mail, social media, website, print marketing materials, billboards, TV advertisements, etc.), it produces a brand awareness and can be easily recognized, even in the saturated markets we live and work in today.

Logos make companies look professional, successful and unique. They give the brand a symbol and personality that sticks with people. When marketing materials and promotional pieces are tied together with a cohesive look, starting with the logo -they easily allow for consumers to connect them with each other and with the company. If there is no consistency, no logo, no cohesiveness – businesses can be easily overlooked or unrecognizable to current and potential consumers.

Don’t get lost. STAND OUT. Make a name for yourself and ensure your consumers remember you. Make it EASY for them to remember you. Remember, people like easy.

So many companies pass on a logo because of the expense of a professionally designed logo. Ask yourself this: If this logo can put an undeniable recognition of my company to my consumers for now and the entire life of my company – than isn’t it worth in investing in? Logos are a one time cost – for a lifetime of payback. Think about it!

You can check out some of the logos we’ve done over the years by clicking here. 

Have a good one, folks.

The RP Crew



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