Keeping it consistent: The importance of a company name and logo

When you start a business one of the most important things to do is stay consistent with how you’re going to sell yourself to your potential customers. Which is why one of our readers’ questions is a perfect way to introduce this blog post.

NeedALogoQ: I am the co-owner of a small company. My business partner and I are just getting things rolling and have not yet started to formally market ourselves. While we know there will be bumps in the road, we have already hit a wall. We cannot decide on a company name or logo. What do you suggest we do and where do we start?

 A: Great question! First off, sit down with your partner face to face and brainstorm. Both of you should bring all your suggestions on possible names to the table. Be sure to set a good amount of time aside. This could take long. And remember to come with an open mind. Secondly, when going through your list, take the viewpoint of the potential customer. Is it clear what you’re selling? It is catchy and cleaver?

It’s important that customers can: 1. Pronounce and understand your name 2. Know what you’re offering and 3. Remember it. For example, let’s say you’re a wedding florist here. You might consider the name, Hill Country Event Floral Design as your company name. This easily crosses off everything on that list. Hill Country tells your audience where you are and what area you serve, Event Floral Design tells them what you do, and it’s easy to remember. Another thing you MUST do when opening a business—stay consistent! Keep your business name ONE name. We’ve seen it too many times that new companies open up with several variations of their business. Please make note that this only works in setting up keywords for search engines. You should not have your business cards, website and magazine ad have three different names. How is anyone supposed to know who you are?

And just as important as staying consistent with a name, so is keeping with a particular logo or look. After figuring out what you want to call your company, consider how you want to market yourself. Who is your audience?

For Hill Country Event Floral Design, clearly, your audience is wedding couples. Consider a logo and its colors with that in mind. What is your personality like? What kind of product do you typically want to sell to these couples? Are you a high-end, classic-style florist with a modern flair? Then let your logo speak to that. Fonts with a western theme and shades of browns and burlap might not be the best look way to translate what kind of customer you want to target.

Our amazing graphic designers know how to take all of this into account. You can simply, tell them what you’re looking for and they can create several variations for you to choose from.

If you have a question on how to get people knocking at your business door, email us at denise at rudkin productions dot com.

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