How To Make Your Blog Grow?

BlogGrowThere are millions and millions of blogs out there. And if you are just starting then you have a built in competition to face. However, the good news is that there is place for everyone. People are always looking for new content and fresh perspective, all you need to have is passion and persistence. Few pointers to help you guide on to the right path are as follows:

1. Blog regularly. Even if only one person (probably your Mom!) is reading right now, but consider it as building portfolio so that by the time your audience is built, they would have a good reason to hangout a little longer and check out your other posts.

2. Be Accountable. Research the content before posting and be approachable should anyone have a question or concern. Be in control of your blog.

3. Be enthusiastic. A positive attitude and passion bounces off the screen and forms a connection with the readers. If you like what you write, people will enjoy reading it more.

4. Make a plan. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. And truer words were never spoken. Decide your objective for your blog and plan the direction you wish to take it in. Whenever you have a writer’s block this would help you get your ‘enthusiasm’ back.

5. Have an editorial calender. Mark the dates you wish you post on your blog. This would give you a visual time frame of how and when you need to start working on your next post.

6. Have an outline of your post ready before you start typing. Just like how you did back in school or college. Sometimes even just having a title and the conclusion helps you get started on the post.

7. Try and write the post at least a day in advance. It would help you avoid careless grammar mistakes and take the pressure off the last minute posting.

Although there are no guarantees but if you stay consistent and truly have the power of expression, sooner or later you will find your loyal readership and connect with the like-minded people.

I hope you would find this post helpful. If you need some help to set up your blog or other social media accounts, do not hesitate to contact us. Also, you can click here to check out the other services we offer.

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The RP Crew

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