How to Improve Your Writing – Simple Tips for New Bloggers



As a new blogger you might be hesitant to publish content. To be a good blogger, you do not have to be a writer, but you do have to create content which is grammatically correct and easy to understand.

A well-written post can elevate the quality of your overall blog, increase comments, and encourage repeat visitors. As much as someone loves your content/brand, if there is nothing engaging on the page there’s no personal connection, or incentive to visit again.

Well-written posts can separate a mediocre blog from an exceptional one. Ready to start dazzling with your words? Here are some of my top tips for improving the quality of your writing.

  • Read your blog posts out loud before hitting publish:

I can almost guarantee that you’ll catch more mistakes, and improve your writing if you start reading it aloud.

  • Read varied blogs:

So many of us get caught up in reading blogs that only relate to our industry, this makes it almost impossible to create unique original content. Go on a tech-blog for a few days and explore the World Wide Web. There are some amazing writers out there.

  •  Have a goal in mind for your posts:

You need to present more than pictures. Is the goal of your blog or post to educate, inspire, humor, or something else?

  • Read – a lot

This is sort of an extension of point #2 but goes even deeper. If you really want to be a better writer, you need to read a wide variety of work. I would suggest; autobiographies, self-help books, research papers, and even novels. As long as you are exposing yourself to different topics your writing will improve substantially.

  • Create white space in your life:

This one is the hardest. Sometimes we get so excited about our blogs that we spend way too much time online. Best writing comes after a few days of stepping away and taking a break.

So many people believe that writing is a natural talent, you are either born with it or you are not. However, writing can also be a learned skill. The daily discipline paired with the steps described will guaranteed improve your writing and in turn your blog.

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RP Team

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