Five Reasons Companies Should Have A Blog


Do you have a business? Do you are virtual presence? If you answered yes to both those questions then this post is for you.

Blogging has become an essential tool for all companies, big or small. This is where you are able to connect with your clients and provided them with an ‘added value’ for being business with you.

1. A blog helps increase your SEOs as it puts your company name in the inter-web and lets the search engines (Google, Yahoo, etc.) locate you when someone researches about products and services similar to the ones that you offer.

2. A blog can also help you exchange ideas and information with your clients. Who else can, after all, tell you about the needs and requirements of your clients but they themselves. It allows them to connect with you and be part of your company.

3. Do you have ideas which compliment your company objective but are not necessarily directly related to them? Do you have an opinion or views regarding government policies affecting your company? Would you want a platform to share them with your clients and associates? A blog can be a great platform to do so. You have to maintain the professional boundaries but do not have to be  limited by your profession as such.

4. Since your clients are able to connect with you and know you as more than just a name or a brand the chances of repeat business multiple exponentially. It is all about customer-relationships in this competitive market.

5. A press release is mostly read by a trade analyst. The chances of your real customers reading it would probably depend on the industry.  However, it is safe to that a blog would have a farther reach and also an internet footprint which would increase its accessibility to new and current clients. Lastly, a blog would give the readers an instant opportunity to give their feedback, react and/or share it.

Hopefully we have conviced you to start a blog for your company, if you already don’t have one. If you have any other questions or need help with setting up the blog give us a call at 830-249-1744.

Until next time,

RP Team

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