Optimize your Brand Image via Pinterest

Since 2012 Pinterest has grown to become the #1 Social Media in terms of business referrals to websites and products. It has an effective and accountable effect on e-commerce.

However, with a little attention to planning and naming the images you could receive a tremendous response and exposure. The below infographic has all the tips and tricks to receive optimum result from your Pinterest account.

I hope you would find this quick Pinterest infographic helpful. If you need some help to set up your Pinterest account, do not hesitate to contact us. Also click here to check out the other social media services we offer.

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The RP Crew

Work Mantra: Be Organized!

The key to success in any field is – Organization.

The importance of being organized cannot be emphasized enough. Having an orderly approach towards work and life will not only reduce stress from daily life but also help achieve your goals. Meeting deadlines on time projects an individual as a professional in any work environment in turn boosting confidence and efficiency. Some simple ways to stay on top of your work life:

  • Have a weekly planner to keep note of deadlines and appointments
  • Archive emails in appropriate folders right after reading them
  • Set reminders on your computer/phone for long term project deadlines
  • When working on multiple projects, work in 30 minutes increments
  • Lastly, stick to your plan!

Benefits of Being OrganizedWe hope you would have found our tips helpful. If you need someone to help in reducing your work load, contact us. Or click here to check all the services we offer.

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The RP Crew

Power of the LOGO

The answer to why companies need logos might come as no surprise to most – but you might be surprised at how many businesses pass on having a logo designed.

Of course, we understand that start-up businesses may not have the cash at first to have a logo designed. These people push the logo and branding on to the “to-do later, sometime in the near future-ish” list. We get it. We really do. But here’s why we think you should make having a logo from the get-go a PRIME PRIORITY.

NOTE: For those companies who have been around and don’t have a logo, no, we don’t think you’re doomed or helpless. We believe that adding a logo to your company will do wonders for you, no matter where you are in the lifespan of your company. Sooner is better, but better late than never (someone put that on a fortune cookie).

For those of you visual learners – here’s a quick way to sell you on the power of the logo. Take a quick look at the graphics below – and see how many companies you can identify, just by seeing their logo.

Picture 4

NOTE: These logos are used in this article for editorial use only and are in no way affiliated to Rudkin Productions


Logos are powerful and create a lasting awareness of a brand. When a logo is paired to a brand consistently through ALL of their marketing platforms (physical signage, product branding, direct mail, social media, website, print marketing materials, billboards, TV advertisements, etc.), it produces a brand awareness and can be easily recognized, even in the saturated markets we live and work in today.

Logos make companies look professional, successful and unique. They give the brand a symbol and personality that sticks with people. When marketing materials and promotional pieces are tied together with a cohesive look, starting with the logo -they easily allow for consumers to connect them with each other and with the company. If there is no consistency, no logo, no cohesiveness – businesses can be easily overlooked or unrecognizable to current and potential consumers.

Don’t get lost. STAND OUT. Make a name for yourself and ensure your consumers remember you. Make it EASY for them to remember you. Remember, people like easy.

So many companies pass on a logo because of the expense of a professionally designed logo. Ask yourself this: If this logo can put an undeniable recognition of my company to my consumers for now and the entire life of my company – than isn’t it worth in investing in? Logos are a one time cost – for a lifetime of payback. Think about it!

You can check out some of the logos we’ve done over the years by clicking here. 

Have a good one, folks.

The RP Crew



Words from the Wonderful World of Advertising:

Inspiration, Super Bowl, Social Media Wins & Hallmark’s Favorite Day

Sheesh, is anyone else shaking their head in disbelief that we’re already over halfway through with FEBRUARY. If the first 1.5 months of the year are any indication of what’s to follow, 2013 for RP is going to fly by and be filled with super sweet projects, welcomed challenges, new adventures, tight deadlines and yep- you guessed it lots of c-o-f-f-e-e. It’s been fast and furious around here, and of course, we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Here’s some INSPIRATION for you today. You can find more of these on our Pinterest boards, here.



Feeling sufficiently inspired? Good. Let’s get down to business. Here are some great reads we’ve seen bouncing around the wonderful world wide web. These all have to do with our favorite industry (no ladies, not fashion. no men, not beer)… ADVERTISING. Ready? Here we go.

What did you all think of the SUPER BOWL? Not the game, silly. We’re talking about the ads throughout it. People spend big bucks to have 30 seconds of your time during Super Bowl Sunday. Which ads stuck with you? Here’s a great read on the breakdown of the best-of Super Bowl ads from AdAge: “Super Bowl Ad Review: The Good, the Bad, the Clydesdales.”

If you’ve read this blog before, you know we’re all about SOCIAL MEDIA. Refer to this, this and this. Here are some good articles about brands that have become social media masters. Reading these may get those brain juices flowing on how to most effectively use your social platforms to engage consumers. Here you go:
“Six ways Starbucks excels at social media” from PR Daily.
“Top 5 Social Media Success Stories of 2012” from Target Internet.
“Oreo to Fans: Cookie of Creme” (How Oreo built an Instagram following in 15 seconds) from Clickz.

This Thursday is VALENTINES DAY (mark it down, men). Everyone says this is Hallmark’s Favorite Holiday, but we hear 1-800-Flowers really enjoys this day as well. Here’s an interesting read from AdWeek on how 1-800-Flowers invests big time in Facebook mobile ads to push V-day flower sales: “Facebook Mobile Ads Push Flowers for Valentines Day. 1-800-Flowers says ‘Customers are Migrating.'”

Picture 2

Have a good one,

Social Media Success! How do you do it?

Hi folks!

Hope you all had a very merry Christmas and are enjoying the New Year. We’ve had a lot of fun lately with our social media accounts and wanted to share some of this with you.

Social Media is the name of the game. In our world, there is no ignoring the weight social media carries and the importance of maintaining a strong presence on the leading social networks. Of course, there are several ways to do this – but the one thing to keep in mind when building your social presence is this simple rule: You will get out of it what you put in. 

You have to take the time to build content, upload photos, engage with others and create a strong social media personality for your brand. Once you’ve got a strong base of followers, you can start implementing social media campaigns to further grow your platform.

To show you how to run a successful social media campaign, we’ve broken down the process of a campaign we’re currently running on our own Facebook page for Rudkin Productions.

The goal of the campaign: To increase the number of followers, or ‘likes’ on our Facebook page, in order to have a larger platform with more potential leads for new business and to create a more widespread awareness of our company.

The idea: We realized that people love social contests – and when you create incentive (a prize, recognition, etc.), people are more likely to engage on your page. We knew we wanted to do a contest of some sort, but weren’t sure exactly what we wanted that to look like. Although we’re an advertising and web development agency, we knew that the topic of our contest didn’t necessarily have to be built around our industry. We also know that people like to see the actual living and breathing human beings behind a brand. From there – we decided our contest should be centered around, well, US! How fun would it be to have a contest that somehow shared a small glimpse of the different personalities that work so hard behind the scenes at RP? So we did just that! That is how the “This Shoe Belongs to Who!?” contest came to life.

The Prep:  We had Josh, one of our graphic designers who is also a great photographer, take pictures of all of our shoes one day. Then – we put together a Facebook graphic that showed all of our faces and left a spot for a picture of the shoe chosen for that week. Each week, we would use a different shoe and let our Facebook followers guess “who belonged to that shoe” in order to win a gift card to Kuhl Yogurt, a business we work with and the most fabulous frozen yogurt establishment known to man.


The Promotion: Before we launched the first contest – we sent out an eblast to our entire email list, promoting the campaign and encouraging people to go ‘Like’ our page to play. We also used our personal Facebook pages to encourage our friends to go to our business page. Finally, we promoted the campaign on Facebook and Twitter with teasers of the contest. Before the contest even began, we saw a major increase in ‘Likes’ on our page.

The Contest: On week one, we put up the first contest and the results exceeded our expectations. Within minutes, we had several people guessing and engaging on our page and several new likes. We let the contest run throughout the day and announced the winner at the end of the day. Success!

The Results: We have been doing this each week and have continued to have great results, interaction and positive feedback on our page. We are only halfway through the contest and have gotten over 100 new ‘likes’ since when we began.

Picture 8 Picture 7

How does this work?: I know what you’re thinking. “So what, you got people to guess what kind of shoes you wear, how does this is any way, shape or form, increase brand awareness or profit your business?” You’re right, at first glance – this contest has nothing to do with our brand – but we have proof that it got people to interact on our page. When those people did visit our page to participate in the contest, they also saw the other content we’ve posted there. Also, in order to play, they had to ‘Like’ our page – which means from this point forward we have a larger group of followers to share content with.

You can check out our Facebook page with the weekly contests, here! There’s still a few weeks left to play, so what are you waiting for!? Come join in on the fun.

Overall, social media provides opportunities of advertising and marketing that are cost effective and interactive and when used correctly can be very powerful in maintaining relationships and building new ones. Ask yourself: How can you take further advantage of your social platform to increase awareness of your brand and interact with more people?

Good luck,

The RP Crew