The ideal candidate must be highly organized, detailed oriented and able to manage deadline-driven projects. Extensive print production knowledge a MUST! Outgoing and good communication skills. Work closely with agency staff to coordinate the details of the day-to-day running of campaigns to ensure that projects are completed on time and in budget. Need to be able to meet multiple deadlines and prioritization of tasks.

+ Responsible for the layout, design and production of deliverables for an array of clients from large ministries, to lobbying groups, retail, homebuilding & developments, banking and medical.
+ Maintains clean and organized files and adheres to file structure
+ Corrects photos and ensures resolution is acceptable; prints internal proofs for reviewing
+ Pre-presses projects and sets up files for production in an organized and effective manner when applicable
+ Must have solid understanding of printing processes, finishing techniques, paper trends/knowledge, can review proofs and is confident to see project through from start to finish
+ Specs projects with printers and has full understanding of printer language and how to communicate with them effectively
+ Stays current on emerging technologies and applications
+ Accurately enters time daily
+ Packages and places files in the archives when a job is complete

Bachelor of Fine Arts with a minimum of five years related experience and/or training. Speed is crucial.

SKILL SET: Must have a solid grasp of fundamental concepts of print and web publishing and graphic design principles. Intermediate skills with web design plus. Strong skills in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. Must be proficient in Microsoft PowerPoint, Word & Excel. Speed is crucial.

Send resume and salary requirements: or fax to: 830-249-6315.

Keeping it consistent: The importance of a company name and logo

When you start a business one of the most important things to do is stay consistent with how you’re going to sell yourself to your potential customers. Which is why one of our readers’ questions is a perfect way to introduce this blog post.

NeedALogoQ: I am the co-owner of a small company. My business partner and I are just getting things rolling and have not yet started to formally market ourselves. While we know there will be bumps in the road, we have already hit a wall. We cannot decide on a company name or logo. What do you suggest we do and where do we start?

 A: Great question! First off, sit down with your partner face to face and brainstorm. Both of you should bring all your suggestions on possible names to the table. Be sure to set a good amount of time aside. This could take long. And remember to come with an open mind. Secondly, when going through your list, take the viewpoint of the potential customer. Is it clear what you’re selling? It is catchy and cleaver?

It’s important that customers can: 1. Pronounce and understand your name 2. Know what you’re offering and 3. Remember it. For example, let’s say you’re a wedding florist here. You might consider the name, Hill Country Event Floral Design as your company name. This easily crosses off everything on that list. Hill Country tells your audience where you are and what area you serve, Event Floral Design tells them what you do, and it’s easy to remember. Another thing you MUST do when opening a business—stay consistent! Keep your business name ONE name. We’ve seen it too many times that new companies open up with several variations of their business. Please make note that this only works in setting up keywords for search engines. You should not have your business cards, website and magazine ad have three different names. How is anyone supposed to know who you are?

And just as important as staying consistent with a name, so is keeping with a particular logo or look. After figuring out what you want to call your company, consider how you want to market yourself. Who is your audience?

For Hill Country Event Floral Design, clearly, your audience is wedding couples. Consider a logo and its colors with that in mind. What is your personality like? What kind of product do you typically want to sell to these couples? Are you a high-end, classic-style florist with a modern flair? Then let your logo speak to that. Fonts with a western theme and shades of browns and burlap might not be the best look way to translate what kind of customer you want to target.

Our amazing graphic designers know how to take all of this into account. You can simply, tell them what you’re looking for and they can create several variations for you to choose from.

If you have a question on how to get people knocking at your business door, email us at denise at rudkin productions dot com.

The Pen (Tool) is Mightier than the Sword!

We have some crazy fun at Rudkin Productions. We work really hard and to break up the stress and intensity of all the deadlines we live under… when we play… we play hard too. At least once a week, we take 30 minutes to an hour to laugh and frolic as a group. It might be celebrating a co-worker’s birthday, or wearing our pjs to work, or someone’s kid stopped by or we just take a moment to make fun of the insanity we like to call work. But regardless, what we have discovered is that it is important to occasionally let off some steam thus not to kill each other (Disclaimer: does not apply to Olga & Meg when working on The Boom). Not only does it relieve stress, it makes us really like our work and like each other. We feel if you have to go somewhere everyday for 10 hours, you probably better like it and like who you are with.

By now, most of you have seen our fun Christmas card, but what many of you don’t know is that each person in the card was shot individually (see previous blog) and then put into the background. When Josh, who played our Flick in our Rudkin Christmas Story, was shot – we forgot the hat, scarf and googles true to the movie scene! So what do we do? Reshoot it? No. Round up the props? Nope – we PhotoShop them in!

I do believe we have some of the most talented graphic designers around.  The tutorial below might look easy, but in reality it takes some mad PhotoShop skills to get this accomplished.

If your next project needs this type of talent – give us a call. Want to be a size 8 on your next Christmas card, give us a call too. We like spread our talent around.

Until next time!

Love the Rudkin Gang

RP_tutorialScreen shot 2015-01-07 at 12.49.27 PM

Brand New to Rudkin Productions: Meet Sherry!


Sherry Settles/Account Executive

Sherry’s broad range of experience including print, online, and television production spans more than 20 years. As the former Marketing Director for Bradfield Properties Realtors, Kuper Sotheby’s Realty and Pinnacle AMS, she has honed her marketing and advertising skills. Having worked both client and agency side, she has also served as an Account Executive for Texas Creative and represented clients in many fields.

The best adjective to describe yourself: Curious

The one thing you must have at work: Snacks

Personal information you want to share: Love Grandma time! Nana to Bella (5yrs) and Emmett (1 yr)

Philosophical Moment:
There’s a crack (or cracks) in everyone…that’s how the light of God gets in.”
―Elizabeth Gilbert in “Eat, Pray, Love”

How to Plan an Out-of-State National Event for 5,000 Attendees


One of our most exciting accounts we work on is Christians United for Israel (CUFI). CUFI is the largest pro-Israel organization in the United States with over 1.6 million members, 1.1 million Facebook fans and conducts over 40 pro-Israel events a month.

CUFI has two main missions. To educate America’s Christians about the biblical and moral imperatives to support Israel. And to activate America’s Christians to speak out on Israel’s behalf to their churches and communities, as well as to their leaders in Congress.

For the past nine years, starting in January, we begin the long preparation for this three-day event that takes place every July in Washington DC.  The thousands of attendees who arrive and participate in this event are probably not even aware of the six months of planning and work that happened prior to their arrival.

Under direction of the CUFI national office and their incredible staff, we join forces to put together this massive event. The list of needs to put on an event of this magnitude is endless. In January, we start with website banners, microsites, postcards, invitations, ads, brochures, registration forms – all the paperwork that is needed and associated with kicking off a large event such as this. Next, we move into actual tangible needs for the events – registration information, folders, media kits, notepads, magazines, programs, pens, tote bags, lanyards, badge-holders, itineraries, maps, vacation information, signage and banners, magnets, informational flyers… the list goes on-and-on.

This July 20-22, 5000 attendees begin to arrive from around the world traveling to Washington to learn about the Biblical, moral and historical reasons for standing with the Jewish people.

The event is held each year at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center. This year’s line-up of speakers includes the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, who will be addressing conference attendees live, via satellite. Members of congress, including Congresswoman Michele Bachman, Senator John Cornyn, Senator Tim Scott, Senator Lindsey Graham and many others who will brief audiences on legislation affecting Israel and the Middle East. In addition to elected officials, a host of Middle East experts and Biblical scholars will also address Summit attendees such as Charles Krauthammer, Malcom Hoenlein, Bill Kristol, Dennis Prager and Pastor John Hagee.

In 2011, CUFI introduced The Battle For The Future:  Israel on Campus exhibit, which is basically a traveling museum; for the past three years, the exhibit has grown to include over 200 elements including interactive signs, booth graphics and tents. This year, we expanded the exhibit with a few new signage elements and we updated information and design on about 20 existing pieces! The amount of work, organization and care that goes into this part of CUFI’s Annual Summit, is just mind-boggling!

New this year, we also handled a national media blitz with billboards, direct mail, radio, national digital and social media as well as a nation-wide public relations campaign.

Summit attendees can also visit the CUFI Store, which offers merchandise made in Israel, art from Israel as well as t-shirts, books and CDs. We play a large role in the CUFI store. We produce many of their the specialty products such as t-shirts, mouse pads, buttons, Bible covers, pins, license plate frames, picture frames, tablet and phone covers, bumper stickers – an array of products that support and make others aware of CUFI’s mission post Summit.

If you haven’t ever had a chance to attend this event, it is definitely worth it! The excitement, enthusiasm and support this event produces for the nation of Israel is truly awe-inspiring! For more information, go to (which by the way, was also produced by yours truly, Rudkin Productions).

Please click to enlarge.

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