Work Mantra: Be Organized!

The key to success in any field is – Organization.

The importance of being organized cannot be emphasized enough. Having an orderly approach towards work and life will not only reduce stress from daily life but also help achieve your goals. Meeting deadlines on time projects an individual as a professional in any work environment in turn boosting confidence and efficiency. Some simple ways to stay on top of your work life:

  • Have a weekly planner to keep note of deadlines and appointments
  • Archive emails in appropriate folders right after reading them
  • Set reminders on your computer/phone for long term project deadlines
  • When working on multiple projects, work in 30 minutes increments
  • Lastly, stick to your plan!

Benefits of Being OrganizedWe hope you would have found our tips helpful. If you need someone to help in reducing your work load, contact us. Or click here to check all the services we offer.

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What not to do on twitter?

Last month we discussed how all companies and brands can benefit from Twitter and how it has become an integral part of any marketing strategy. But here’s the deal, it can equally hurt your brand image and alienate your customers if some basic (read: common sense) rules are not applied while tweeting.

Although it is no rocket science, but it has been seen that when given a chance to say anything you wish, in the infinite twitterverse, people often lose control. Hence, we decided to come up with a list which might help people to take back that control.

Like some wise man once said, every action has  a reaction. It is this reaction which might either help your brand image grow, or crash. Here is how you can choose to ‘suck at twitter’:

Rudkin Productions

If you need someone to help you navigate your way through the Twitter, do not hesitate to contact us. Also click here to check out the other social media services we offer.

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The RP Crew

Beat The Monday Blues: Rudkin Style

If you are anything like us, then you must not be a big fan of Mondays. After all, they come right after the weekend and with long to-do- lists. So, to change the course of ‘such’ Monday we have asked the awesome-people here at Rudkin to give us their tips on how they beat their Monday Blues – first up is Sarah.

Rudkin Productions

If you liked Sarah’s tips, and would like to get to know her better, feel free to check out her profile here.

Do you have fool-proof tips of your own? Share them with us on our Facebook Page or tweet them to us @rudkintweets.

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What is a Brand Image?

Brand Image Rudkin ProductionsBrand Image: It is an impression of a product or a brand held by real or potential consumers. It is a mix of emotional value plus a mental image, formed by sources, such as:

  • logo
  • mission statement
  • website design & usability
  • employees
  • infrastructure, office and building

Consumer doesn’t only purchase a product, it purchases the perceived value along with it. Ideally a brand image should be three things:

  1. Unique
  2. Positive
  3. Reliable

Brand image is how you try to set yourself apart from your competition. It should help a company create goodwill which would result in positive word of mouth publicity (the best kind!), which in turn results in increased customer base and customer loyalty.

Brand image can be formed and enforced by advertising and social media. That’s where we come in. Contact us to discuss how we can help you with your brand image. Also click here to check out the other social media services we offer.

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Twitter 101

If you are not already on twitter, then think again – It is, after all, the third most popular social medium, after Facebook & YouTube. In fact, it is the number one marketing tool being used by most companies, so how can you be too-cool-for-twitter?

Twitter has formed itself in to the breeding ground of breaking news, as well as special promotions. Twitter is like the photocopying room at an office, you have to hang round that room at least once a day, to know what is going on in the office. The information your gain there is not available elsewhere in the office, right?


A quick 101 on Twitter:

– Use @ sign before the handle of the person to tweet directly. e.g. If you wanted to tweet directly to Rudkin Productions you will start with @Rudkintweets (our handle)

– Follow the influential people in the field of your interest. e.g. If I were a pilot, I will make sure I followed all the airlines.

– Have an opinion! If you wish to gain followers then interact with the people you follow and do not hesitate to reply to their tweet with your thoughts an/or feedback.

– Do not whine, complain or be negative all the time. Your followers (tweeps) wouldn’t appreciate it. Especially as a business you need to maintain a formal tone on all social mediums.

– Do not tweet anything, that you wouldn’t say in real life!

– Be funny, witty and engaging. Twitter will love you, and vice-versa!

Now, some simple ways to engage your audience on twitter:

  • Tweet about your organization’s everyday activities, may be about the services and behind-the-scene snippets. If you have a company blog, tweet the link to promote your blog. Be sure to shorten your URL in the tweet.
  • Tweet pictures of things that are going around you. Things like ‘where you are’, or a new coffee machine, and other interesting aspects of your organization.
  • Once you’ve built up sufficient numbers of followers, use Twitter to perform quick polls about absolutely anything under the sun! Cheap, fast input from your readers/fan base!

In the world of social media, if you are not on twitter, then you are practically non-existent!

I hope you would find this quick Twitter 101 helpful. If you need someone to help you navigate your way through the Twitter, do not hesitate to contact us. Also click here to check out the other social media services we offer.

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The RP Crew