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Picture had recently published an article on ‘work place rituals’, which got me thinking about the rituals we have here at Rudkin. I started working here in March 2013 and have been part of three birthday celebrations and one goodbye party. That makes it total of four office parties in 5 months. And might I add the individual lunch orders are taken courtesy of Rudkin Productions. None of my previous work places had this ‘celebratory’ culture.

Before I attended the first Rudkin birthday party, which happened to be of my boss Kathy Rudkin‘s birthday, all my colleagues told me I should be excited, as this would be my first encounter of the ‘Rudkin Ritual’. I truly didn’t know what to expect.

On daily basis our office interaction is purely dependent on the project we are working on. Sometimes it involves hours of teamwork while other times in means a lonely date with your computer and keyboard for days in a stretch. Hence the ‘Rudkin Ritual’ is a good change from the everyday monotony of the work place. It gives all of us (employees of Rudkin Productions) a chance to interact and talk about something other than work without worrying about the ‘billable hours’. And what’s even more exciting is that there are stories from each party that do the rounds for months to come. Becca, our Office Manager remembers her first Rudkin Party by the following story:

I knew I was in a great working environment when I witnessed Josh’s birthday bash!  
Sarah printed out pictures of boy band members and handed them out to everyone 
to put in front of their faces when we sang HAPPY BIRTHDAY.  
We did not sing it the traditional way … We barked it!

In his article on Lee Cohan states, “Effective rituals connect team members to each other, to their leaders…. “ and I think Rudkin Productions has successfully accomplished that goal. As Alan, our Creative Director puts it expressively:

Our birthday and holiday celebrations are really fun. We have food brought in and 
everyone crowds into the conference room and we eat, share stories and laugh a lot. 
It’s a great time to let our hair down and just enjoy being with each other without 
the demands of “I need this now!” I don’t think any of us wants the 
“company meeting” to end.

Take a moment to think about creating something fun, easy and meaningful.  Keep it simple.  Start with just one ritual, stick to it, and don’t compromise it.” says Lee Cohan and we are doing exactly that here at Rudkin. Whoever said, ‘all work and no play makes jack a dull boy’ knew what they were talking about!

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Tanvi via RP Team


Happy Thursday, folks. How is everyone doing today? All is well here at RP.

Wanted to share with you an exciting opportunity we were given during our 20th anniversary year (this year!). If you happened to read the April edition of Boerne Business Monthly, you already know what I’m talking about. That’s right, we had the honor of being the feature story for BBM’s April edition! In my head I’m singing (“…the thrill that will get ya when your get your picture on the cover of the Rolling Stone Boerne Business Monthly!!!!”)

The article, written by the lovely Denise R. Marcos, tells the story of RP and the dreamer that made it all happen, Kathy Rudkin. The article gives a great snapshot of and the ins and outs of our daily business, the mission of our company and the relationships we form with our clients. The article is also paired with some sweet shots of our building by Gary Perkins and lively photos of our crew by Mr. West Vita (we highly recommend both of these guys). The article titled, “Rudkin Productions Makes a Voice for Businesses,” is a great, easy read and we are so proud of it.

You can download a PDF of the article through our news section on our site OR you can view the whole magazine digitally, here.


Have a great weekend,

The RP crew


Well, it’s official. We’re not one, but TWO decades old. That’s right, Rudkin Productions celebrated our 20th year in February. We forgive you for not sending us a birthday card…

Rudkin Productions was founded in 1992. Kathy Rudkin started the company in Oklahoma before moving it to the Texas Hill Country, where it has been operating and growing for the last 17 years. Twenty years of hard work, elbow grease and hundreds of pots of coffee later, we’re still growing and are stronger than ever.   From the very beginning, we have been guided by the belief that we can do ANYTHING, no matter how technologically challenging or graphically complex the project is. We’d love to use our experience in the advertising and web production world to help YOU and YOUR business succeed.

Take a trip down memory lane with us. What else happened in 1992, our founding year?

Minnesota’s Mall of America, the LARGEST shopping mall in the country, was constructed. It was 78 acres. (Note to self: when visiting, wear comfortable walking shoes).

Nicoderm, the first Nicotine transdermal patch for smokers to quit smoking was released.

Johnny Carson left the Tonight Show. Bette Midler was his final guest, Jay Leno was his replacement.

“Eric Clapton Goes Unplugged,” one of his most famous albums, was released.

Oooops! US President George Bush became ill and vomited on Japanese Prime Minister’s Lap.

Toronto Blue Jays won the World Series.

Washington Redskins won Superbowl XXVI.

Alladdin was the top grossing film. (Great, now I’ll be singing “a whole new worlllllllld!!!!!” for the rest of the day.

Bill Clinton was elected as President of the United States

A loaf of bread cost 71 cents.

A gallon of gas cost $1.05. (WOW, take me back to ’92!).

Do you remember where you were in 1992?  We were at the start of an incredible adventure. Here’s to the next twenty!