Five Reasons Companies Should Have A Blog


Do you have a business? Do you are virtual presence? If you answered yes to both those questions then this post is for you.

Blogging has become an essential tool for all companies, big or small. This is where you are able to connect with your clients and provided them with an ‘added value’ for being business with you.

1. A blog helps increase your SEOs as it puts your company name in the inter-web and lets the search engines (Google, Yahoo, etc.) locate you when someone researches about products and services similar to the ones that you offer.

2. A blog can also help you exchange ideas and information with your clients. Who else can, after all, tell you about the needs and requirements of your clients but they themselves. It allows them to connect with you and be part of your company.

3. Do you have ideas which compliment your company objective but are not necessarily directly related to them? Do you have an opinion or views regarding government policies affecting your company? Would you want a platform to share them with your clients and associates? A blog can be a great platform to do so. You have to maintain the professional boundaries but do not have to be  limited by your profession as such.

4. Since your clients are able to connect with you and know you as more than just a name or a brand the chances of repeat business multiple exponentially. It is all about customer-relationships in this competitive market.

5. A press release is mostly read by a trade analyst. The chances of your real customers reading it would probably depend on the industry.  However, it is safe to that a blog would have a farther reach and also an internet footprint which would increase its accessibility to new and current clients. Lastly, a blog would give the readers an instant opportunity to give their feedback, react and/or share it.

Hopefully we have conviced you to start a blog for your company, if you already don’t have one. If you have any other questions or need help with setting up the blog give us a call at 830-249-1744.

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RP Team

Who Does What At An Advertising Agency



Job Descriptions At Rudkin

CEO – He or she is the captain of the ship. Decides what projects the agency should or shouldn’t take on, when to change gears or pull the plug. They maintain client relationships and are often relied upon for crisis management.

Account Executive (AE) – This position is the liaison between the agency and the client. This is the person who brings in the business and is responsible for managing clients’ portfolios. They help turn clients’ vision into tangible ideas and products. They are also responsible for coordinating with the different departments within the agency to get the job done efficiently and punctually.

Creative Director – This person that can essentially be called the heart of any advertising campaign. In our agency, he is the manager of the graphic room and helps make all the magic happens. The clients shares their vision with the account executive (AE) and then the AE brainstorms with the creative director. He then either comes up with the concept for the project or assigns the perfect designer to work on the job.

Print Production Manager – Most of our AEs pull double duty as print production managers. This job includes day-to-day overseeing of all print jobs such as writing specs, picking and sometimes rounding up papers and envelopes, filling out paperwork, getting quotes and working with client for approval of quotes. Once the job goes to press, they follow through to be sure the job is moving along on schedule and being delivered on time. Much of their job is tracking when the print job will delivery.

Media Buyer/Planner – this is the person who identifies the best mix of media mediums to deliver an advertising message to a clients’ target audience. Using research data, they consider what is going to be most effective within the budget allocated and give the client’s product or service maximum exposure. Media buying can take place in radio, television, billboards, newspapers, magazines, on-line, signage and much more.

Graphic Designer – They can easily be called the backbone of any advertising agency. They are the artists who create and bring ideas to life. They add esthetics and style to a campaign and/or brand. Without their keen eye for details and art nothing would be possible. Each designer comes with his or her own unique style and skill set.

Social Media Coordinator – Once you have the campaign ready, you need it to reach its ‘right’ audience. That’s where social media comes in. This person plans and decides between the various social media platforms, which are appropriate for which campaign and help the brand reach its potential market. In our agency, this person maintains all the social accounts, comes up with creative campaigns and does regular posting and blogging.

Web Developer – this person job is to create a website from start to finish working with the client’s wish lists, needs and specifications. They then develop the backend coding languages and scripts to create the final product. In our agency, our web developer is a phenomenal designer thus not only does she code, but she designs as well using both left brain, right brain. However, in most agencies you will have a graphic designer design the layout of the website and the web developer code it.

Office Manager – This role binds the firm together. The responsibilities might vary from agency-to-agency but they can be responsible for one or more of the following jobs: bookkeeping, inventory, payroll, billing and more.  In office this is the go-to person to find everything missing.

Hope you enjoyed this insight into our work environment.

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RP Team

Rudkin Ritual

Picture had recently published an article on ‘work place rituals’, which got me thinking about the rituals we have here at Rudkin. I started working here in March 2013 and have been part of three birthday celebrations and one goodbye party. That makes it total of four office parties in 5 months. And might I add the individual lunch orders are taken courtesy of Rudkin Productions. None of my previous work places had this ‘celebratory’ culture.

Before I attended the first Rudkin birthday party, which happened to be of my boss Kathy Rudkin‘s birthday, all my colleagues told me I should be excited, as this would be my first encounter of the ‘Rudkin Ritual’. I truly didn’t know what to expect.

On daily basis our office interaction is purely dependent on the project we are working on. Sometimes it involves hours of teamwork while other times in means a lonely date with your computer and keyboard for days in a stretch. Hence the ‘Rudkin Ritual’ is a good change from the everyday monotony of the work place. It gives all of us (employees of Rudkin Productions) a chance to interact and talk about something other than work without worrying about the ‘billable hours’. And what’s even more exciting is that there are stories from each party that do the rounds for months to come. Becca, our Office Manager remembers her first Rudkin Party by the following story:

I knew I was in a great working environment when I witnessed Josh’s birthday bash!  
Sarah printed out pictures of boy band members and handed them out to everyone 
to put in front of their faces when we sang HAPPY BIRTHDAY.  
We did not sing it the traditional way … We barked it!

In his article on Lee Cohan states, “Effective rituals connect team members to each other, to their leaders…. “ and I think Rudkin Productions has successfully accomplished that goal. As Alan, our Creative Director puts it expressively:

Our birthday and holiday celebrations are really fun. We have food brought in and 
everyone crowds into the conference room and we eat, share stories and laugh a lot. 
It’s a great time to let our hair down and just enjoy being with each other without 
the demands of “I need this now!” I don’t think any of us wants the 
“company meeting” to end.

Take a moment to think about creating something fun, easy and meaningful.  Keep it simple.  Start with just one ritual, stick to it, and don’t compromise it.” says Lee Cohan and we are doing exactly that here at Rudkin. Whoever said, ‘all work and no play makes jack a dull boy’ knew what they were talking about!

Until next time,

Tanvi via RP Team

Beat The Monday Blues: Rudkin Style

Today we’d like to introduce you to Becca! And a little inside secret about her, she bakes the most delicious cakes and muffins. One of her many hidden talents! Get to know her better by checking out her profile here.
Becca_MondayBluesHow are you beating the blues this Monday? Share it with us on our Facebook Page or tweet them to us @rudkintweets.

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Social Madness Campaign

Hello Rudkin supporters,

We are participating in the Social Madness campaign in the ‘Small’ business category. And we need your help. Click upon the image below (or simply click here) and vote for Rudkin Productions.

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