Olga Garces

Graphic Designer

Clients rarely get to see the masters at work, but if you could peek behind our proverbial curtain, you’d find Olga Garces turning clients’ dreams into spectacular reality. Her designs are cutting-edge and she’s fabulous with fonts. She works fast and talks fast… in both English and Spanish… and often at the same time!

This naturally tenacious native of the Hill Country, Olga attended the Art Institute of Houston to pursue her passion for creative arts. After graduating, Olga worked for Marriot Communications and Creative Civilization, where she designed campaigns for some of San Antonio’s largest clients. Before coming to Rudkin in 2008, she spent two years with San Antonio Express-News designing internal campaigns. Today, she says she is finally “home,” loving her current role working with a variety of great clients, keeping the creative department updated on all Country music and serving as the self-appointed bathroom monitor, where no empty roll goes unchanged.

Never a dull moment, Olga’s life outside the office revolves around her son and their shared love for baseball, family time, adventure and food!

Fun fact no one but your mother knows: Cereal is my favorite midnight snack. And yes, Cinnamon Toast Crunch is the best!

Personal Information you want to share: I am a dancing fool. I love music and I LOVE to cook! I also have a Day of the Dead obsession.

Philosophical Moment: Life is too short to sit and wait.

Your latest epiphany that you think the world would be better off knowing: Patience is a virtue I was not blessed with. The older I get the less of it I have.