Kathy Rudkin

CEO/Account Executive

Kathy is one of the few in this industry who actually majored in advertising, always knowing this was exactly what she wanted to do. With a BA in advertising and a minor in marketing, Kathy worked for a newspaper in college selling advertising and designing what she sold. In 1989, she went to work for advertising agency is Oklahoma City starting as a receptionist and working her way to Broadcast Production Manager. In 1992, with a very naïve approach that she could do this on her own, she left the agency and started her own business, Rudkin Productions. Operating out of her spare bedroom, Kathy grew the agency into what it is today. After outgrowing location after location, Kathy built a custom 5,000 square foot building in 2009 that hosts a state-of-the-art graphic & web development department, in-house photo studio, in-house print shop as well as an array of other agency related departments. Kathy has worked in the advertising industry for the past 24 years. Outside the office, Kathy and her husband Kurt live on a ranch where they prefer the quiet, country life that consists of two kids, two horses, two dogs and a lone cat.

The best adjective to describe yourself: Persistent

The one thing you must have at work: Readers – they are everywhere. I plant them throughout the office. Sometimes I have two on my head at the same time.

Fun fact no one but your mother knows: I am related to Marie Antoinette (yes, the one who said “let them eat cake.”) No one ever believes me, including my husband, but it is a known family fact. I prefer Princess Kathy, but it hasn’t caught on…

Personal information you want to share: I spend all my personal time hauling my children to-and-from… I am perpetually exhausted.

Philosophical Moment: When I realized I much prefer to be home in my pjs hanging out with my family than go to social events. I am a social recluse and will go to great extremes not to attend anything.