Josh Cervantes

Graphic Designer

You might recognize Josh from his extensive (yet completely unprofessional) modeling work on many of our agency materials. As our resident hunk he often makes his way in front of the camera, but his real gift is behind the scenes as a graphic designer. Josh is one of four brothers from Corpus Christi, Texas. His family moved to San Antonio when he was seven and he’s been there ever since. He took a multimedia class his senior year of high school and discovered his love of design. Josh earned an Associates Degree from Westwood College of Technology where he says, “Photoshop changed my life.” He’s been working in graphic design for almost eight years, first for Primetime Newspapers in San Antonio. When the company went out of business (not because of Josh’s designs), Josh had several freelance jobs before landing at Rudkin Productions, where he’s been quietly making graphic magic ever since.


The one thing you must have at work: Music/Computer

Fun fact no one but your mother knows: I don’t know if it’s a fun fact, but as a child I always grew weary of places that had dressing rooms because those were the places spankings happened.

Philosophical Moment: Time is a great teacher, but unfortunately it kills all it’s students.

Your latest epiphany that world would be better off knowing: There is no spoon.

The best adjective to describe yourself: Witty

Personal information you want to share: I’m a huge fan of SUPERMAN comics and movies. I’m a dog person and a MAC person.