Irene Hernandez

Graphic Designer

Some people travel for work. Irene works for travel. She’s adventurous, fun-loving and is always trying to get our team together outside of work. Our social butterfly if you will. Irene is also the consummate girly-girl, so if there’s any frou-frou design to be done…she’s your gal.

Irene has a Bachelors of Fine Arts Degree from Columbus College of Art and Design. Her first job was in 1987 designing fashion displays for Belk’s Department Store. Then she discovered the Mac and the rest is history.


The one thing you must have at work: Music, laughter and people with a good sense of humor.

Fun fact no one but your mother knows: I’m her favorite child…right.

Personal information you want to share: I’m from a family of nine children…all girls… same parents.

The best adjective to describe yourself: Adventurous