Emma Faye

Social and Digital Media Coordinator

Armed with her trusty Mac laptop and an obscene amount of coffee, Emma Rudkin serves our agency as Social Media Coordinator. Emma was “forced” at the young age of fourteen to spend her summers working at the agency and has naturally progressed into our youngest team member. She has worked in many areas within the agency including graphics, video, writing, account service, blogging and social media.

Emma graduated from the Geneva School of Boerne and is currently earning her Bachelor’s Degree in Communications/Graphic Arts at UTSA Honors College.

Emma has been the Boerne area Younglife Social Media Coordinator since Summer of 2013 as well as a staff writer for The Boom, an Eagle Ford Shale newspaper. She also runs a fashion, lifestyle & travel blog called byemmafaye.com.

In her spare time, you may see Emma performing live around town. She plays the piano, guitar, ukulele and sings. Or you may catch a glimpse of her zipping by on her oversized pink adult tricycle with a basket full of flowers.

Emma has played an active role in both Young Life and Wyldlife for many years.


Best Adjective to describe yourself: Quirky much like a ukulele is to the instrument world.

One Thing You Must Have At Work: Coffee and Red Lipstick.

Fun Fact No One But Your Mother Knows: I eat so slow that my entire family leaves me at the table and starts doing dishes around me. Plus side: I get out of doing the dishes all the time.

Personal Info You Want To Share: I love nerdy, classical books that most people only read when forced to.

Philosophical Moment: “I used to be afraid of failing at something that really mattered to me, but now I’m more afraid of succeeding at things that don’t matter.” (Bob Goff) People should worry less about being “successful” and more about what needs to be a success story.

Your latest epiphany that you think the world would be better off knowing: That true Joy and Living is from Jesus Christ alone.