Internship Program

Developing new talent while giving back to the community.

Finally… someone to make the coffee around here! Oh, if that were only true. Our interns have many talents, but making coffee isn’t one of them.

Illuminate Internship Program

Rudkin Productions offers an innovative internship program, Illuminate (named & designed by one of our past interns), that allows students with remarkable talent in the field of advertising or broadcasting to hone their skills while working with a local non-profit organization. Students benefit from hands-on experience while working with a real client and an array of professionals in the industry, including the creative staff at Rudkin. The client benefits from fresh ideas and marketing campaigns they could not otherwise afford. It’s a win-win all around.

Interns are selected by grades, academic achievements, industry talent and community involvement as well as having a strong portfolio in the arts and a usable skill set. Students work on websites, brochures, videos, fundraising and other print materials.